Join in the Festivities of the Upland Lemon Festival in Pomona


Who would have thought that there would be a festival dedicated to lemons near our luxury apartments in Pomona, CA this spring? A hit with all generations, the Upland Lemon Festival will commence on April 25 in downtown Upland. Since its inception in 1997, this event has become a favored Upland tradition and there's no wonder why. With food, concerts, … [Read more...]

Find the Means for Higher Education at the So Cal Fair in Pomona


A college degree will mean a lot to your employer, because not only does it demonstrate your abilities but also, it shows that you dedicated your time to achieving qualifications in your desired field. If you're looking to get into higher education, or just want to explore other fields, don't miss the So Cal Fair on April 22. Everyone is welcome to attend … [Read more...]

There Are Plenty of Courses to Tee Off at Near Our Luxury Apartments in Pomona


A round of golf provides stress-relieving benefits and offers the perfect opportunity to socialize. If you're keen to get your clubs out and play a game near our luxury apartments in Pomona, CA, visit an American Golf Club. This club boasts a wide selection of picturesque courses to suit all player levels. Here are some nearby courses to check … [Read more...]

Grab a Drink and a Meal at The Rookery in Pomona


The scent of freshly cooked food wafts through the air surrounding our luxury apartments in Pomona, CA, because an abundance of restaurants are based within walking distance. One that is just a 10-minute walk away on 117 West 2nd Street is The Rookery Alehouse & Grill. Specializing in quintessential American cuisine, this diner is open for business … [Read more...]

Pamper Your Dog This Spring to Keep Them From Shedding in Your Pomona Home


Living with an animal offers companionship and affection, but you may need to get the vacuum cleaner out more often if Fido or Felix starts shedding! The natural loss of hair enables a new coat to grow, however it can become a nuisance unless you take control of the situation. Signs of a serious problem include open sores, redness or bald spots. Avoid … [Read more...]

Achieve Your Master’s at the DeVry University Pomona Campus


Gaining a master's at Pomona colleges gives you the opportunity to climb the career ladder. This type of qualification could set you up for a successful future and broaden your prospects. If you are keen to start a course that suits your interests, enroll at the DeVry University Pomona Campus. The university comprises of five different colleges, with … [Read more...]

Collect Your Produce the Local Way at the Farmer’s Market in Chino Hills


Hundreds of businesses near our apartments are encouraging residents to buy local. Every dime you spend at a local store is pumped straight back into the economy, which strengthens the community and increases job opportunities. If you want to fill your cupboards with locally-sourced goods, check out the many shoppes at Chino Hills. A shopaholic's haven, … [Read more...]

Take Care of Your Pet at the Angel’s Care Animal Hospital in Pomona


When Fido acts out of sorts, it is vital that you visit an animal hospital. Many life-threatening conditions and illnesses can go unnoticed, which is why it is advisable to get regular examinations from a professional veterinarian. We welcome a maximum of two animals in our pet friendly Pomona apartments, which are only a 15-minute drive from Angel's Care … [Read more...]

Sample the Homemade Cuisine of La Parolaccia in Claremont – Near Our Luxury Pomona Apartments


A profusion of dining spots are situated a short distance from our luxury apartments in Pomona, CA. If it's homemade cuisine you're after, La Parolaccia is the place to go. This upscale eatery specializes in Italian fare and is tucked away on 201 N. Indian Hill. Brunch, lunch and dinner is served at this establishment. Do you and your partner want to … [Read more...]

Convenience Is Redefined at Our Luxury Apartments in Ponoma, CA


Lots of apartment complexes offer tons of amenities, but when you get right down to it, they are a lot the same. Unless they are the amenities offered by our luxury apartments in Pomona, CA, the Metropolitan at University Village. There is no long walk from your apartment to the local laundromat. Our community offers nine convenient laundry facilities on … [Read more...]